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Wagyu Beef Rib Taco – Meat Church

Ingredients: (Meat Church Products are In Stock at all Ignite Grills and More locations)

Truffle Horseradish Cream Ingredients

Beef Ribs
Start with a rack of cooked beef ribs.

Beef Ribs

This is my favorite recipe. You can substitute your beef of choice but, we prefer the fatty and richness of these wagyu beef ribs for the authentic recipe.

Remove your beef ribs from the smoker and set aside to cool. 

Beef Ribs

Once cool, chop.

Beef RIbs

Make Truffle Horseradish Cream
Mix the mayo and sour cream. Add you in your desired amount of horseradish and truffle oil to taste. This is very personal. We went with about 3 oz of fresh horseradish and a heavy pour of black truffle oil in this video. Add the Holy Cow. Then add the juice from one cheek of lemon to brighten it up.

Truffle Horseradish Cream

Build the Tacos
Warm tortillas. In this video we used fresh butter tortillas made that morning at my local H-E-B.

warm tortillas

Layer a heavy amount of chopped beef rib meat on the warm tortillas. Spoon your desired amount of truffle horseradish cream across the beef. Top with chives, pickled red onions & crushed Funyons. Take a bite of my favorite taco of all time and enjoy the flavor explosion!

Wagyu Beef Rib Taco
Wagyu Beef Rib Taco